Anti-Static Dust Collector Cartridge

In industrial production, especially in chemical, pharmaceutical, cement, food and other industries where there are production sections such as powder conveying, crushing, stirring, etc., there are electrostatic charges or charged dust that may cause explosion hazards. In the process of powder dust removal and collection, it is necessary to choose a filter material of anti-static material.


Anti-static filter cartridge applies this principle, using conductive material, covering the surface of the filter material or blending carbon fiber in the filter material layer, to introduce the static electricity containing electrostatic dust to be treated into the earth. Anti-static media are used to dissipate potentially explosive electrostatic charges or charged dust that refuses to be released from non-conductive filter media.

At present, among the polyester non-woven fabrics for filter cartridges, the anti-static forms of filter materials selected by Farrleey are mainly as follows:

  1. On normal polyester non-woven overlying a conductive aluminum coating
  2. Blending carbon fiber in the filter material processing

It is an antistatic,explosion-proof function, but not not suitable for acid and alkaline or high humidity situation.

Anti-static dust collector cartridge features and application:

  • Easy to clean and not easy to accumulate dust.
  • Good air permeability, large filtering area and low working resistance
  • Can be cleaned and reused, long service life
  • With good anti-static function, there will be no spark phenomenon caused by static electricity.
  • Suitable for pulse cleaning, easy installation and disassembly
  • Application: Coal transportation, coal collection, flour, aluminum powder, zinc powder, carbon black, lead oxide, gypsum… 


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We have more than 20 technical patents, which innovative designs created by our skilled R&D team. Most importantly, we have excellent experience working with more than 100 different global customers who are very satisfied with their cartridge dust collector products tailored to the industry.