In any case, the filter media material is the most influential factor in the efficiency of a dust filter cartridge. Unlike the most filter media of cellulose and synthetic fibers in the market, Farrleey’s extreme efficiency filter cartridge is made by carbon fiber blended corrugated media. It is a two-component material developed independently by Farrleey, which can be a thermally fused PTFE membrane. Compared with the Nanofiber treatment in the market, the thickness of carbon fiber blended corrugated media with PTFE membrane increases 20% and can reach 0.35mm to 0.4mm. This innovative treatment has greatly improved the efficiency of the dust filter cartridge in the following ways:

  • Extreme efficiency (95% @0.3um, while other brands just can reach 70% to 80% for 0.3um)
  • Low resistance (Air permeability is 200L/㎡.s, while other brands just can reach 120 to 150L/㎡.s)
  • High tensile strength (CD>450N/5CM; MD>270N/5CM; Dry: 250/150N; Wet: 60N/5CM
  • High moisture resistance
  • High explosion-proof level
  • Excellent flame retardancy