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Industrial Dust Collector Bags

Farrleey, a trusted filter bag manufacturer, provides high-quality and customized industrial dust collector bags to match most industrial sectors. Our industrial filter bags are designed and manufactured to ensure simple installation and replacement. 

Our products and applications

PTFE filter bag 

Used for flue gas purification and material recovery from all kinds of waste incineration (such as house refuse, industrial refuse, straw), chemical industry, pharmacy, and many bad working condition industry. 

Mainly used for steel, smelt, kiln back-end of cement, carbon black, white carbon black, titanium dioxide, biomass boiler, and other chemical powder dust handling. 

P84 polyimide bag

Mainly used in cement, iron, and smelting industries. 

 PPS bag

Mainly used for collecting dust from coal-fired boilers in electric power, iron and steel industry, smelting factories, and dyeing and printing industry. 

Aramid bag

Mainly used in smelting, cement, asphalt, detergent, rubber, chemical, ceramic, cosmetic, tobacco, mine industry. 

Not sure what types of industrial dust collector bags are your best option?

Contact us, and we will find it out for you.