Everything You Should Know About Industrial Dust Collection Filters

As an essential of dust collector, the dust collection filter element aims to help the machine to collect fume and dust particles. Its special material allows it to serve as a protector to preserve the workshop from air pollution.

In this article, we will help you get a clear understanding of the dust collection filter. Therefore, we will introduce its applications, benefits, compositions, as well as some tips to maintain it.

Applications of Industrial Dust Collection Filters

Dust collection filters or dust filter cartridges are vital in several industries. Their usage extends far beyond the food processing and pharmaceutical industries. Even large-scale manufacturing businesses such as foundries, tire manufacturers, and cement processing plants use different kinds and sizes of dust collection filters to protect their employees from invisible and harmful contaminants.

Benefits of Using Industrial Dust Collection Filter

Understandably, dust collection filters have some benefits that make them essential for many industries directly linked to our day-to-day needs.

The first and the most obvious advantage of industrial dust filters is their ability to hold on to particles as small as 0.3 micrometers. These particles are the main cause of increasing air pollutants such as PM2.5 that pose a serious risk to the workers working inside the production unit and the people in the surrounding areas. The ability of dust collection filters to capture such particles has made them an irreplaceable part of machines that industrial units rely upon for the daily production of goods. 

Ease of maintenance and cost-efficiency are other distinctive merits that the dust collection filter provides. These merits play a crucial role in the long-term viability of products used in an industrial unit. Lastly, any industrial dust filter, irrespective of its design and overall construction, can be quite easily detached and installed at any time that contributes to maintaining the speedy pace of production in a professional environment.

Selection of Filter Materials of Dust Collection Filters

The benefits mentioned above of dust collection filters wouldn’t have been possible without the proper materials used in their manufacturing process. Thus, it is crucial to choose exact filter materials to suit the dust collection filters’ sector due to their complex industrial applications. As the core of the filter, the filter material plays an indispensable role in dust collection filters. Thus, let me introduce how Farrleey, a filter cartridge manufacturer, protects the workshop by selecting suitable filter materials.

The basic filter material we choose is spun bond polyester. It has copious merits like long service life delivers with high strength and high filtration velocity. When the dust particles contain oil and moisture, ordinary polyester spun bond non-woven with oil and water repellent treatment can make the media has not sticky. And in this way, the dust will easily drop out when the pulse blows dusting.

To mention that, the aluminum coated series filter media is one of our basic materials.  The material, which has anti-static, explosion-proof functions, is overlying a conductive aluminum coating on normal polyester non-woven. In addition, PTFE membrane series filter material is made in ordinary polyester non-woven coated with PTFE processing. The material delivers high filtration precision to 0.3 microns, and the filtration rate ups to 99.99%.  

Cellulose blended media, another effective material we use, is indispensable for the dust collection filter. It contains tremendous goodness. For example, it owns a good sheet formation and delivers low-pressure drops. The material not only has a big filtration area but also is suitable for low filtration velocity situations, including gas turbine, oxygen plant, stove blower, and air compressor station. 

Moreover, our technical team has researched and developed pleated needle felt media for cartridge filters, which can be applied in both low and high-temperature situations.  

Maintenance Tips after Using a Dust Collection Filter

As the dust collection filter is always exposed to toxic substances, it is essential to take measures to ensure its durable and optimal operation. The first step is to ensure there is enough air for filtration. Thus, regularly clean the dust off the filter to allow more air for the filtration is of great necessity. Then, when the differential pressure is too high, it is urgent to replace the entire dust filter cartridge. 

We want to mention that a filter cartridge manufacturer, Farrleey, is constantly committed to providing easy-cleaning dust collection filters. The product from us is designed in narrow pleat spacing, allowing consumers to be convenient to clean. Not only that, they are designed in high-filtration efficiency, which is 2-3 times filtration area than filter bags. 

Farrleey, A Quality Conscious Industrial Dust Filter Brand

The detailed analysis above makes it easy for you to master all things about the industrial dust collection filter. The next thing is to find a capable manufacturer who can provide the best service and products. 

Farrleey is a well-regarded industrial dust filter brand that has been fulfilling the needs of domestic and international clients since 2007. We have various products used in high dust concentration plants such as cement, power plant, casting plant, etc. With the use of standard materials, our products perform effectively in different areas. By offering consumers a long list of industrial dust filters made using the highest standard enacted in the field, we win the application from people worldwide. 

A 14-year lifespan might not feel like an extended period to achieve note-worthy success, but we, Farrleey, have somehow cracked the code to become a prominent industry leader in such a short time. Being a supplier to over 500 companies and several major nations around the world is a great testament to the abilities of Farrleey. Our ambitions and achievements simultaneously grow with each passing day which motivates us to further progress. We aim to provide you the best cost-efficient products to satisfy your needs. Come and take some time to hear how we may help you.