Farrleey Hot-Sale Dust Filter Cartridge Helps to Create Clean Environment

With the increased pressure on environmental protection, enterprises have paid more attention to the dust pollution in industrial production. Therefore, the deployment of the dust filter cartridge has become the best choice for many companies. As a renowned domestic manufacturer specializing in the development and production of industrial filter cartridges, Farrleey has a wide range of dust filter cartridges to meet the needs of various industries. The UOXXON series is the brand’s star product and has been well received by customers.

The Developing History of UOXXON Series

As the first-generation core product independently developed by Farrleey’s technical team, the UOXXON series was awarded an invention patent in 2013. Since we developed the overseas market in 2014, the UOXXON series has been very popular worldwide and has authorized agents in many overseas markets, including the United States and Australia.

However, Farrleey never stops the pace of the development and optimization of industrial filter cartridges. After the second-generation UOXXON series was launched in 2015, they are widely used in various industries, such as cement, steel, non-ferrous metals, and other industries. The 4M high and low temperature pleated dust filter cartridge developed in 2017 makes the UOXXON series even richer, more widely used, and more effective.

The Material Advantages of the UOXXON Series

  1. Customized Cap Material

Farrleey never compromises on the materials of dust filter cartridges in product manufacturing. The cap of the UOXXON series is made from corrosion, aging, and friction-resistant polymer materials, and these quality materials greatly extend the life of the dust filter cartridges.

  1. Ultra-Fine Fibers

The dust filter cartridge’s surface area and filtration area are increased by the superfine fibers, thereby reducing the air-to-cloth ratio.

  1. E-PTFE Membrane

The Technology Advantages of the UOXXON Series

The experienced R&D team of Farrleey commits to improving the effectiveness of industrial filter cartridges through continuous technological innovation.

  • Ultra Extreme Filtration Technology

This dust filter cartridge combines the technology of traditional cloth bag material production, using needle felt production processes to achieve ultra-low emissions.

  • Bond Tech and Clear Tech

The UOXXON series uses a unique, isometric self-welding technology to replace traditional glue bonding. And the high temperature resistant clear tapes with ultrasonic welded technology meet the needs of industries with high temperatures up to 240°C.

  • InnerMesh Reinforcement Technology

Spiral formed expanded metal, or perforated metal inner core adopts the reinforcement method of rotating and automatic occlusion, which realizes the integration of the internal network. The intranet has a high verticality, without overlapping and burrs.

Why Choose the UOXXON Series?

The UOXXON series is an innovative product with its intellectual property rights, which has the following obvious advantages compared to the standard industrial filter cartridge on the market.

  • Widely Used

Since its introduction to the market, this series of dust filter cartridges have been widely used in more than 100 steel, cement, non-ferrous metal smelting, and foundry industries to meet their needs for ultra-low emissions.

  • Easy to Use and Install

Conventional designs require the removal of the bag cage before the bag is removed for replacement. However, the integrated design of the UOXXON series greatly reduces the time and steps required for installation and maintenance.

  • Excellent Filtration Effect

It uses Farrleey extreme filtration technology and ultra-clean filtration materials, making it the best dust collection system with a high filtration efficiency of 99.99%.

  • Cost-effective

Increasing the filter area without modifying the equipment while using durable and efficient filter materials to extend the product’s life makes the dust filter cartridge more cost-effective.

Make a Conclusion

Since the inception in 2007, We, at Farrleey, have been committed to producing high-quality products for our customers to create an ultra-clean situation. Our modern laboratories, production lines, and various inspection equipment provide a strong guarantee for dust filter cartridges of high quality. Contact us for your customized and the best dust collection system today!