Difference Between Dust Collector Cartridge Filter And Panel Air Filter

The air in and around construction and manufacturing plants is filled with contaminated dust particles making the environment hazardous to health. To improve the air quality and provide a sanitized atmosphere, industries set up various filtering devices. 

These filtering devices are designed to different shapes depending on the use condition and usage levels, such as a dust collector cartridge filter or panel air filter. This article will analyze these two widely used dust filters and provide you with purchasing advice. 

Dust Collector Cartridge Filter Vs. Panel Air Filter: What Are They?

  • A cartridge filter is widely used in the dust collecting system. These filter cartridges are prepared with a pleated non-woven fabric known as filter media. The filter cartridge provides a larger surface area for collecting dust and fumes from the moving air stream. 
  • A flat panel filter is made by spunbond polyester and needle felt material with wide pleat space and narrow pleat depth, which also has high dust collection capacity.

Similarities Between Two Filters

The dust collector cartridge filter and panel air filters serve the same purpose: they clean the air from harmful particles and remove contamination from the surrounding environment.

They have the same working principle. Both dust collector cartridge filters and flat panel filters consume a large volume of air. The sudden expansion of the air causes the dirt particles to settle at the bottom of the filters. The air then moves to the filter chamber. The chamber utilizes the principle of Brownian motion and sieving then captures the small size particles. The clean air leaves the chamber through the exhaust. It is worth mentioning that the flat panel filters of Farrleey have the special design venturi formed head, which helps to separate flow channels with large volume and optimize airflow direction.

The pleated media of both the filters effectively capture dust and debris present in the air without promoting the growth of microorganisms.

Difference Between Two Filters

Although the dust collector cartridge filter and panel air filter have the same features of purifying the air, these two filter panels have quite contrasting properties. So let’s look at the varying attributes of them.

1.Shape & Size

It is clear that these two products are not similar in shape and size. For example, the dust collector cartridge filter is cylindrical, and its filter area is determined by the diameter and height of the cylinder.

The panel air filter is panel-shaped and occupies less space than the dust collector cartridge filter. However, the size of both products can be customized according to customer requirements.

2.Construction& Components

The dust collector cartridge filter is a cylindrical shape filter with pleats. The key of the filter cartridge is filter material. Farrleey can supply you with customized filter material according to your application. There are several options of cap and inner mesh materials: galvanized steel, stainless steel, ABS, aluminum,etc. And there are also special materials for food contact applications.

The panel filter cartridge is has PU top and bottom cap, choosing high efficiency filter material. It can replace panel filter bag and cage, increasing filter area and save space, it’s easy to install and replace. In addition, the panel air filter from Farrleey has a venturi-formed head, which can separate flow channels with large volumes. 

3.Repair & Replace

The frequency of cartridge replacement or cleaning depends on the level of air contamination, the flow rate, and the type and rating of the filter.

Get The Best Filters For Your Industry 

Cleaning dust and harmful substances from the environment depend on the improved performance of your filter. Whether you need to replace the filters in your dust collecting system or invest in a new dust collecting unit, you need experts like Farrleey to curate a solution to meet your demands. 

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