What is A Panel Air Filter and Where to Purchase One?

A healthy environment has never been as crucial as it has become today. Especially for some industries that are directly linked to our daily needs, pure air is indispensable for people’s health. Therefore, in the quest for a dust-free and hygienic atmosphere, Farrleey produces the panel air filter, which refers to a dust collection filter that acts as a preserver to protect people from air pollution. 

To help you form a clear understanding of the panel air filter, in this article, we will guide you to figure out its definition, function, and application.

What is A Panel Air Filter?

Essentially, the panel air filter is a dust collector which sieves the dust and other detrimental particles from the air. For the purpose of enhancing air quality in the industrial or a system, a panel air filter is of vital importance. The filter allows it to function as a shield that safeguards the workplace from air pollution. 

What Kind of Impurities do Panel Air Filters Remove?

Normally, the panel air filter has the ability to remove tiny particles. We at Farrleey, a pioneer company in the list of panel filter manufacturers, provide you products with a wide filtration range. Our filters are favored as unsurpassed and unique by dint of their filtration range. Our panel air filters pick up oil droplets, moisture, smoke, and other harmful particles from the surroundings. They can sieve the dust particles as small as 0.3 micrometers. Without the help of panel air filters, these particles increase air pollutants such as PM 2.5 that put the life of the workers at serious risk.

Where can You Use A Panel Air Filter?

There is a wide range of the use of a panel air filter. For instance, it can be used in any enclosed place where the workers face hazardous air contamination. Moreover, some critical areas, which have rigorous environmental requirements, are in urgent need of panel air filters. For example, these areas include food processing plants, pharmaceutical industries, large-scale manufacturing foundries, tire manufacturing factories, power plants, steel plants, cement processing plants, metal furnaces, coal or salt mining, chemical processing, and packaging.

Where to Purchase Panel Air Filters?

Now you have understood what air filler panels are, the benefits of using them, and where they can be applied. Now the question emerges concerning where the air filter panels can be purchased. It is tricky to choose the best panel filter manufacturer among various choices. Therefore, why don’t we introduce you to a platform offering numerous benefits in the one go? Yes, it’s none other than Farrleey. 

Farrleey, an expert in producing panel air filters, was established in 2007. We are, basically, an industrial filter manufacturing company with customers who exist worldwide. Apart from that, the followings are some distinctive merits of our products which are the top reasons to choose us:

  • Standard Materials: We at Farrleey are becoming more well-known because of the standard materials used to make our filters. Regularly, these panel air filters are made up of 100 percent spun-bond polyester and needle felt material. 
  • Special Designs: Our products are compact and require smaller space. They have vast pleat space, narrow pleat depth, and increased surface area, ensuring high dust collection capacity. Furthermore, they contain the venturi-formed head and separate flow channels with large volumes. 
  • Various Sizes: According to your requirements, panel air filters are found in various sizes and filtration areas. Besides, different shapes and modelsof panel air filters are available in our side. 
  • Low Energy Consumption: The panel air filteris praiseworthy in another way. That is, the machines consume low-pressure drop and low energy, hence saving the buck as well.
  • Easy to Install: These sifters are very easy to move up and replace. Accordingly, you don’t need any tool to replace or install the products.
  • Long Service Life: These panel air filters are made up of materials that do not need to be replaced rapidly. In other words, they offer value of money with long service life and low maintenance costs.


Through the comprehensive analysis of panel air filters, it is easy for you to master all information about these filters. Panel air filters, which are regarded as protectors whose goals are to prevent people from air pollution, are becoming popular nowadays. Thus, to get a high-quality product, it is essential to find a capable panel filter manufacturer. 

Farrleey is constantly committed to providing highly developed and innovative filter elements, related solutions, and technical field support to satisfy customer requirements. With years of hard work, it is adequate for us to form a good reputation and become a prominent leader in this field. In addition, we are a supplier to over 500 companies and several nations worldwide, aiming to provide you with the finest products at a competitive price to satisfy your inherent needs. If you are enthusiastic about our products, please reach us immediately.