New! Farrleey Latest Extreme Efficiency Dust Filter Cartridge

An industrial filter cartridge is a useful tool for removing particles and debris and capturing solid contaminants on the outer surface. It is an important part of the dust removal system. With increased economic activity, industrial manufacturing, and infrastructure development, industrial dust filter cartridges are in greater demand than ever before.

Farrleey, an experienced filter cartridge manufacturer from China, recently launched a new design dust filter cartridge: Extreme Efficiency Filter Cartridge. Its significant features: anti-explosion, flame retardant, extreme efficiency, and low resistance. It’s specially developed for the industries of new energy lithium battery, laser cutting, graphite, playing a significant role in the best dust collection system. So let’s read on and learn more about it.

The Distinctiveness of Materials

Different from other industrial filter cartridge of other common brand in the market, Farrleey carefully studies the characteristics of these industries and uses high-quality and effective materials to improve the effectiveness of filtering greatly.

1.Extremely Efficient Filter Media

In any case, the filter media material is the most influential factor in the efficiency of a dust filter cartridge. Unlike the most filter media of cellulose and synthetic fibers in the market, Farrleey’s extreme efficiency filter cartridge is made by carbon fiber blended corrugated media. It is a two-component material developed independently by Farrleey, which can be a thermally fused PTFE membrane. Compared with the Nanofiber treatment in the market, the thickness of carbon fiber blended corrugated media with anti-static PTFE membrane increases 20% and can reach 0.35mm to 0.4mm. This innovative treatment has greatly improved the efficiency of the dust filter cartridge in the following ways:

  • Extreme efficiency (95% @0.3um, while other brands just can reach 70% to 80% for 0.3um)
  • Low resistance (Air permeability is 200L/㎡.s, while other brands just can reach 120 to 150L/㎡.s)
  • High tensile strength (CD>450N/5CM; MD>270N/5CM; Dry: 250/150N; Wet: 60N/5CM
  • High moisture resistance
  • High explosion-proof level
  • Excellent flame retardancy

2.Durable Gap Material

The gaps of extreme efficiency filter cartridges have three kinds of materials for choosing: galvanized steel, stainless steel, and ABS. They are corrosion-resistant, aging-resistant, and friction-resistant, suitable for various working conditions.

3.Special Gasket

The special gasket of the dust filter cartridge is made of rubber or silicone, which has the advantages of lower stiffness, higher strength, better leak tightness. What’s more, the special gaskets are available in various shapes: square type, triangle type, trapezoid type, and round type. What’s important, it helps to avoid dust leakage.

4.High Strength Mesh

Durability is one of the biggest advantages of Farrleey’s dust filter cartridge. This extreme efficiency filter cartridge is wrapped by a high-strength inner mesh and outer mesh with galvanized steel or stainless steel. The unique spiral reinforcement makes the strength and pressure resistance of the inner mesh much higher than the same type of product. It also has spiral-formed expanded metal and perforated metal inner core for options.

The Uniqueness of Production Processes

In addition to the best quality and effective materials, unique technology and production process are also essential to create a highly efficient dust filter cartridge.

1.Inside Glue Strap

The filter material will be glued inside pleats, and the spacing is uniformly between the pleats. It will help to lead the air to the cloth evenly to clean better.

2.Super Adhesive

The extreme efficiency filter cartridge adopts super adhesive, which will not produce debonding and cracking phenomenon, ensuring the service life of the cartridge and the safety of use under high load.

3.PTFE Membrane

Extreme-efficiency and low-resistance carbon fiber blended corrugated media is covered with an anti-static PTFE membrane with excellent flame-retardant.

4.Steel MeshTechnology

This new dust filter cartridge adopts rotating automatic occlusion reinforcement to ensure the integrity of the entire skeleton. The technology facilitates the integration of the inner web without splitting the joints and ensures high verticality. At the same time, the inner mesh is more beautiful and durable without repeated burrs.

Benefits of Choosing Farrleey New Design Dust Filter Cartridge

  • Extreme Efficiency

With the quality material and innovative technologies, the efficiency @ 0.3um can reach 95%, which has a much higher efficiency than other similar products in the market.

  • Special Applications

It’s specially developed for the industries of new energy lithium battery, laser cutting, graphite.

  • Durability

From the gaskets, the gaps, and the meshes, Farrleey’s extreme efficiency filter cartridges are made of anti-aging and corrosion-resistant materials, which is helpful to enlarge the cartridge’s lifespan.

Final Words

Established in 2007, Farrleey has been committed to producing a variety of highly efficient industrial filters cartridges and the best dust collection system. As a well-known high-tech enterprise in China, Farrleey never stops innovating, and the products have more than 20 patents. We at Farrleey have six-scale production lines with an annual production capacity of over 1,200,000 filters. Our various series of products are exported worldwide and recognized by the market. To create a clean and efficient environment for your business, please get in touch with Farrleey!