♦Wide pleat spacing,easy-cleaning design
♦Galvanized steel or ABS top and bottom caps
♦Spiral galvanized expanded/ perforated inner mesh
♦EPDM foam seal ring

Material- “The Key” of Cartridge Filter
♦Standard Spun bond Polyester
Chemical Finish:
♦Water & oil repellent
♦PTFE membrane
♦Frame Retardant
♦Synthetic and cellulose media with Nanofiber

♦Cement and Rock Dust, Chemical, Combustion, Food and Pharmaceutical, Metals, Paint and Pigments, Primary Aluminum, etc.

No. Top OD(mm) ID(mm) Bottom OD(mm) Length(mm) Pleat Depth(mm)
1 346 196 340/324 600 45
2 346 196 340/324 1200 45