In any case, the filter media material is the most influential factor in the efficiency of a dust filter cartridge. Unlike the most filter media of cellulose and synthetic fibers in the market, Farrleey’s extreme efficiency filter cartridge is made by corrugated media. It is a two-component material developed independently by Farrleey, which can be a thermally fused PTFE membrane. Compared with the Nanofiber treatment in the market, the thickness of  corrugated media with PTFE membrane increases 20% and can reach 0.35mm to 0.4mm. This innovative treatment has greatly improved the efficiency of the dust filter cartridge in the following ways:

  • Extreme efficiency (95% @0.3um, while other brands just can reach 70% to 80% for 0.3um)
  • Low resistance (Air permeability is 200L/㎡.s, while other brands just can reach 120 to 150L/㎡.s)
  • High tensile strength (CD>450N/5CM; MD>270N/5CM; Dry: 250/150N; Wet: 60N/5CM
  • High moisture resistance
  • Excellent flame retardancy